miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012

C-511. 14/03/2012


Fernando was broken and he needed the money, so he thought the posibility to robbery a store. One day, he came to make a call on Quimolca Comunicaciones, and after he watched the whole movement was, locked the call and came out telling the cashier: "GIVE ME ALL THE MONEY OR I WILL KILLING YOU".
The cashier scared gave all the money, and he was running, but the cashier called to the police, so suddenly a police officer appeared in front of him and said: "STOP AND RAISES YOUR HANDS". Fernando stopped and the police officer arrested him.
The police officer gave all the money to the cashier abd took prisoner Fernando, to question him, after a some hours, Fernando was stopped waiting to go to court.

My favorite food is hamburger.
Hamburger comes from Hamburgo, Germany, is like a sandwich, two bread with minced meat, onion rings, lettuce leaves, tomato, and condiments. I like it with cheese, ham, sauces and of course minced meat, are the necessary ingredients for a delicious hamburger.


My family consists of my mom, my dad, mi brother, my little sister and I. My parents are married so we all live in the same house, we are very close and workers. My parents give me everithing that I need and more, so I'm very grateful to them. Also I have my grandmother who is always aware of me and my family. I love you all and I would always were united.